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The project of a 100 m2 apartment for a young couple with two baby girls based in Wroclaw is all about making the most of existing space. We created loads of storage wherever possible to hide all the kitchen stuff along with the air conditioner.

Both parents are in full agreement on bold pastel colours which are harmoniously spread around the entire apartment. We chose mint and pink as dominants.  A coloured mirror and soft lighting create mood and atmosphere, textile wall structure adds dynamics to the interior.

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voskhod – lamp concept


Voskhod- in russian means – sunrise 

Design of a portable lamp that acts as an alarm clock, not with a sound but with the  light.

The lamp is remotely controlled by an application in which we can set a specific time of lighting the lamp. Its operation is planned for approx. 2 hours a day – this is how long the morning process of awakening a person takes. So if we set the lamp on at 5.00, within 2 hours the lamp will light up from dimmed light to the maximum brightness and will switch off by itself.

The main idea of ??the “Voskhod” lamp is the imitation of light, which with its intensity and color resembles the sun that comes in, the light of which falls through the window in the morning. The project was based on the analysis of the human circadian cycle that regulates our life habits.

“Voskhod” is designed to improve the quality of getting up early and create a space to live with no rush.

The lamp is made of powder-coated aluminum components. The LED diods hidden in the ring are closed on both sides with a 30 cm diameter milk screen. The lamp shaft fits in the hand and has a diameter of 8 cm. An additional element is a docking station that contains a power supply and a battery. After discharge, the lamp shaft should be placed in the docking station to charge the alarm clock

The shape of the lamp is inspired by suprematic  forms. In the front view, you can see that the lamp consists only of two solids – a circle and a cylinder.


Voskhod- z j?zyka rosyjskiego – wsch?d s?o?ca

Projekt przeno?nej lampy pe?ni?cej rol? budzika, nie d?wi?kiem a ?wiat?em. 

Lampa jest zdalnie sterowana przez aplikacj? w kt?rej mo?emy ustali? konkretn? godzin? rozpalania lampy. Jej dzia?anie jest przewidziane na ok. 2h w ci?gu dnia, poniewa? tyle trwa poranny proces rozbudzania cz?owieka. Zatem je?li ustawimy ?wiecenie lampy na godzin? 5.00 , to w przeci?gu 2 godzin lampa rozpali si? od przygaszonego ?wiat?a do maksymalnej jasno?ci oraz samoistnie si? zgasi. 

G??wnym za?o?eniem lampy ?Voskhod?, jest imitacja ?wiat?a, kt?re swoim nat??eniem i barw? przypomina wchodz?ce s?o?ce, kt?rego  strumienie  ?wiat?a wpadaj? przez okno o poranku. Projekt powsta? w oparciu o analiz? cyklu oko?odobowego cz?owieka, kt?ry reguluje nasze czynno?ci ?yciowe. 

?Voskhod? ma za zadanie polepszy? jako?? wczesnego wstawania i stworzy? przestrze? do ?ycia bez po?piechu. 

Lampa zosta?a wykonana z komponent?w aluminiowych  proszkowo malowanych.  Led ukryte w pier?cieniu lampy zosta?y zamkni?te po obu stronach przes?on? mleczn? o ?rednicy 30cm. Trzon lampy mie?ci si? w d?oni i ma ?rednic?  8cm. Dodatkowym elementem jest stacja dokuj?ca, kt?ra kryje w sobie zasilacz oraz bateri?. Trzon lampy po roz?adowaniu nale?y umie?ci?  w stacji dokuj?cej, aby na?adowa?  ?budzik?

Kszta?t  lampy jest inspirowany  formami suprematycznymi, abstrakcyjnym minimalizmem. W widoku z przodu mo?na dostrzec, ?e lampa sk?ada z dw?ch bry? – ko?a i walca. 


area: 40 m2
location: Wroclav, Poland


“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”. -Wassily Kandinsky

The project of microapartment in the heart of Wroc?aw based in the 19th century building complex which have been just renovated.

The whole concept of the space was supposed to remind a parisian apartment – that was the image my investors wnated to achieve. I decided to add a pinch of colour inspired by the Almodovar movies scenography and extraordinary painting by the local artist KRY_.


area: 38 m2
location: Wroclav, Poland


Tiny Pilates Studio “Pilatesfera” based in the heart of Wroclav.

Implementation of the pilates studio project on the Market Square in Wroc?aw. We started the project six months ago, when the 38m2 space was divided into 3 rooms, and there was no place for a washbasin in the bathroom, but there was a bathtub and a huge radiator. Paneling, heating pipes in the middle of the room, crooked walls were just the tip of the iceberg at The Ku?nicza Street.

Today, this modest space serves as a pilates studio with 4 reformers with the kitchen and the functional bathroom with shower.


Realizacja projektu studia pilatesu na Rynku we Wroc?awiu.

Projekt rozpocz??y?my p?? roku temu, kiedy przestrze? 38m2 by?a podzielona na 3 pokoje, a w ?azience nie by?o miejsca na umywalk?, ale za to mie?ci?a si? wanna i ogromny grzejnik. Boazeria, rury do ogrzewania po ?rodku pokoju, krzywe ?ciany to tylko kilka smaczk?w ze starego budownictwa przy ulicy Ku?niczej.

Dzisiaj ta skromna przestrze? pe?ni funkcj? studia pilatesu z 4 reformami, kuchni? oraz funkcjonaln? ?azienk? z prysznicem.